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                                The founder of Dr GR PUBLIC SCHOOL is the late veteran Gandhian Desikottama Dr G Ramachandran who was the Minister of Education Kerala, Founder Vice-Chancellor of Gandhigram Rural University, Ex. MP and the former Chairman of All India Khadi & Village Industries Commission.


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My Dear Child,

Learn to keep your body strong and healthy,
Lern to cultivate and regulate your diet,
Be fearless, without being aggressive,
Be good to all – both the good and bad,
Let your visions of your work expand and grow,
But understand your limitations,
Have confidence in yourself and above all these…
Have Absolute Trust in GOD.

The Watch Words for Children:                                                                                                               
From Dr GR Mama


Desikottama Dr G Ramachandran


Blossomed: 07-10-1904                           Withered: 17- 01-1995

Desikottama Dr G Ramachandran, is one of the giants of those who were privileged to be moulded by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi and Rajaji, represented a rare synthesis of the values the great men stood for, all their lives.  READ MORE


Dr GR Public schttool is a co-educational English medium school that follows the CBSE curriculum.

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Our school is situated in the Madhavimandiram Campus of nearly 6.5 acres in a rural setting…

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It has aimed at giving training to peace volunteers to take up the leadership in building up a society based on …

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