Principal Desk


Maria Joe Jagadhesh


Mobile: +91 9442711114

From the Principal’s Desk

Dear GRians and beloved parents,

I am honoured and blessed with the opportunity to serve as the Principal of this sacred school   a school that has earned a well-deserved reputation, high academic excellence and positive learning environment in which every child is able to learn.

My personal belief about education is that every child has the ability to learn. All are born with unique gifts. The success of a school depends on its capacity to develop each gift.

As our dearest GR Mama dreamt of, along with our guide and philosopher Sister Mythili, GRPS develop programmes and activities to develop each GRian holistically so that he/she will be equipped with skills and competencies ready for the  21stCentury.

 I wish every GRian to be persevering individual, a responsible team player and a person of integrity. A GRian is recognized for his/her diligence and empathy for other’s as he/she will be a gracious and dynamic global citizen.

 In today’s context holistic development of a child cannot be the role and responsibility of a school alone. Parents also have to play a vital role in it. Therefore, I request my parents to extend full support and co-operation to this school in developing the child.

 I am sure that your lives at GRPS will be an exciting life time learning experience, leaving your imprint on your alma mater.

We shall value your presence at GRPS.

All the best.                                                                                  


          Mr Maria Joe Jagadhesh